1990 Hoops Mark Jackson Menendez Brothers Holographic 11×17 Photo Custom Reprint




READ PLEASE 1/1 DNA Exclusive

Inspired by the Iconic Photo From The Menendez Murders & In the Background with Front Row Seats, the one & only 1990  Mark Jackson  custom Holographic Poster 11x17in REPRINT Graded Gem New York Knicks

PLEASE READ…(1) Blown Up Custom Art Holographic Refractory Prism Refractor Facsimile AUTO Jumbo Poster Reprint RP (11×17) 🔥 of Iconic Sports Card Containing The Menendez Brothers 1990 Hoops Mark Jackson #205

-Art of the Hobby-

Will Throw in Free Picture for Support.of our vision, thanks and God bless

11 Inch by 17 Inch Custom Reproduction of the Iconic Image of Josh Allen Holo 11×17 Custom Reprint Giant Jumbo Card 1/1 DNA 🧬 Collectable Poster

Thank you For Viewing, This Photo is

Perfect for Any Fan of Josh Allen or The Hobby!!

Approached & Created with a Robin Hood/UnderDog Mentality for Ppl that Love the Hobby & Want To Take a Step Further in Collecting & Hang this Piece of Art in there home or Add it to there PC as a Iconic Image In Sports Trading Cards….This is for Also Ppl that Do not Necessarily Have the Means to afford a Card of this Magnitude, or Even just a fan of Art. Thanks


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