ELLY DE LA CRUZ Auto Chrome Holo Prizm RC 11x17inch Custom Poster 1/1 DNA THANOS




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Elly De la Cruz JUMBO Card Poster Photo #2 “Thanos Infinity Gauntlet” Blue Chrome Custom Reproduction “Please Read”

APPARENTLY IVE INSPIRED Multiple Company’s Across eBay, I’m glad I could Be an Inspperation and A Posative Influence & Especially in the Sports Card Market, Helping out food on the Table for all these ppl that Took my Concept and Ran with it. God Bless and Good Luck. However Remember there is Only (1) 1 of 1 DNA & God Has blessed me.

So, Back to Business, This Is a Artistic Reproduction with a Facsimile Auto. This unique POSTER SIZE Custom Created sports trading card by 1 of 1 DNA features a holographic finish and a custom 1/1 DNA facsimile. It is autographed by Elly De La Cruz, a talented athlete who has made a name for himself in both baseball & Is rocking The MLB, This card is part of the limited edition The Matrix insert set, with only 49 prints or less available.

The card is made of high-quality card stock and has a thickness with Backing that Makes it feel Realer & Cooler then A regular card, you have to see it to Believe it by the manufacturer 1 of 1 DNA. Although it is not graded, it is in excellent condition and is a great addition to any sports trading card collection. This item is perfect for fans of Elly De La Cruz and collectors of rare and unique sports trading card


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